Stephen Devassy Live Concert – Silver-Balcony (Child)


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Stephen Devassy Live Concert – Silver-Balcony (Child)

Stephen Devassy – “Flying Fingers on Keys”

Stephen’s playing accent and the perfection he maintains, made him the youth’s idol. He is undoubtedly the fastest keyboard player and his swimming fingers on the keytar have always pushed the audience to the state of awe. The passion in him grew to know no limits with what he achieved his degree and a record by completing his 8th grade piano at the age of 16 from Trinity College, London. A R Rahman’s music has influenced Stephen to explore more about the technical aspects of Sound Engineering and Music Production.

Solid is a Fusion Music Band from South India lead by piano virtuoso Stephen Devassy.
Stephen Devassy & Solid Band Live concert in UK & Ireland is presented by London based media & entertainment services company KUSHLOSH.

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